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Baby Must-Haves: What We Have ACTUALLY Used!

I get a lot of questions when friends are building their registries and I've definitely highlighted my favorites before here. Below are the products we have ACTUALLY used this time around - I wanted to do a must-have for new moms too, and I'll do that ASAP as well. The SNOO review is also to come! Please note this is updated from the original version - I realized I missed a few important things!

  1. OLLIE SWADDLES: I recognize these are sold out most everywhere, always, but I found them in-stock at Target. We have loved our Ollie Swaddle so far. They were graciously gifted to us by a neighbor, but I prefer the Ollie to Halo Sleep Sacks. The Halo Sleep Sacks are a wonderful option too though. We used those with the first two kids primarily and the velcro is much more quiet than the Ollie!
  2. SNOO: More to come on this. Generally speaking, it changed my life, worth every penny, etc.
  3. BABY HATS: New to us, Goldie came home from the hospital cold! It was so weird! She was born cold, got back to her ideal temp in the hospital, and then once we were discharged, she was cold at her first doctor's appointment. I had her in hats the first week or so, but we didn't really have many on-hand! Here's a cute option from Goosebumps Shop.
  4. TIE DYE SNAP OUTFITS: I get a lot of questions about my tie dye for Goldie and they're nearly all from Goosebumps Shop. We love them. Incredibly soft. Not ideal for middle of the night but perfect for daytime when you don't mind snapping a few snaps!
  5. FLEECE SOCKS: the trick with these is to put them on over the bottom of the pant. They'll stay on a little better!
  6. RAINBOW SHOES: I just love these Meri Meri booties. 
  7. ZUTANO BOOTIES: These stay on. They're warm. I saw another review where blogger said, "Your mother can see them from across the room," and my mom loves to make sure we have shoes or socks on the babe for warm feet, so these are perfect! : )
  8. ZIPPER PAJAMAS: something changed in the last four years and now most zipper pajamas zip from the top and the bottom which is an entire whole damn game changer. Inexpensive and it's not the end of the world when your child poops up their back.
  9. SNOO SLEEP SACK: you need specific sleep sacks for the SNOO that strap in and keep the baby on their back. These are great! They run sales occasionally and you can get a few of them.
  10. MORE ZIPPER PAJAMAS BUT TIE DYE: obsessed with the smilies, so cute! Also zip both ways!
  11. MILK SNOB: I use this mostly just over the carseat. Think of it as a mask for the baby. Goldie has spent a lot of time out and about by virtue of Bodie's speech appointments and school, this has been a total lifesaver. It also works as a nursing cover but generally speaking I've never had to nurse in public outside of the front seat of my car on occasion.
  12. MONITOR: we've used a lot of monitors and this is my favorite so far. The battery life much better than the others we have had too. Bonus: it works in our basement, which no others have, if you have a wonky house like we do!
  13. BOTTLES: These were recommended by a baby feeding Instagram account I follow and they've been perfect. I'm not a fan of the bottles with lots of parts; these only have three parts! Easy peasy. 
  14. HATCH LIGHT/SOUND MACHINE: Huge fan of this product. We got one for Bodie and the okay to wake feature is great for toddlers. I like it for Goldie because I can easily put a subtle light on for night feedings. This is a change from what I anticipated prior to Goldie - we also love the Dohm Sound Machine, but the light from the Hatch is really great in her room. We use the Dohm in the hallway. Our home is littered with white noise machines.
  15. SHERPA BLANKETS: If you're having a baby in the Fall/Winter, these are honestly the best. So soft. Great for quick diaper changes too, and they're super easy to wash.
  16. BOPPY LOUNGER: We purchased one of these when Georgia was a baby and it's something we've had a great experience with for all three kids. The perfect place to set your baby down. We keep ours upstairs and it's ideal for when I shower. I'm not sure what the washing instructions say but I can say I've washed ours multiple times and let it air dry and it survived just fine!
  17. HAAKA: I admittedly don't have this exact version, but this is the version I would have bought if I knew it existed. After knocking mine over multiple times I swore off the Haaka. This one has a suction cup bottom and a little top for it... so you don't knock it over while reaching for your phone/coffee/remote/toddler. I'm a little annoyed with ours can you tell? I recently purchased this version and have high hopes for building my milk stash.
  18. PLAYMAT: I purchased a playmat from Homegoods and haven't been able to find the exact version online, but isn't this one beautiful? There is a super cute option for boys too! We keep ours downstairs in the living room as the rug isn't super soft and the playmat provides more padding. Perfect for tummy time. 
  19. LOVEVERY PLAY GYM: This is the one thing I really regret not purchasing (and the one thing on this list we haven't actually used!) but we had a play gym from the other kids. I am obsessed with Lovevery items. We get their toy subscription and have yet to be disappointed. This play gym is no exception, it looks incredible. You're going to need a play gym and I can only imagine this one is the top of the line.
  20. BATH SUPPORT: This is a great purchase. I toss two warm washcloths on Goldie and we go about our business. Super safe and it's at a great angle for the baby to relax. Also doesn't get yucky because the water can't sit in it when you're done!
  21. FRIDABABY DERMAFRIDA SKIN SOOTHER: my kids get cradle cap. 3 for 3. This helps a lot!
  22. COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER: we have two of these and love them. Easy to clean. My only thing is it's tough to get open after you've applied lotion to your child at bedtime but that isn't the product's fault!  
  23. CRIB SHEETS: you'll need three. This one is from Goosebumps Shop and it's so soft and amazing. I ordered a personalized one from Etsy for Goldie too, linked here. It's amazing.
  24. UNICORN BATH TOWEL: Hooded towels always for little babes! These Target hooded towels are my favorite. They work until they get gross when you're ready to buy new ones! I like the size of these too - Goldie gets extra mad when bath time is over and she's cold so I need to work quickly with a big towel! These are my favorite washcloths
  25. TUBBY TODD BATH/BODY PRODUCTS: Can't go wrong with Tubby Todd. When Beautycounter stopped carrying baby products I was heartbroken but these products are clean and awesome. 
  26. MOONJAX TEETHER: I've received more DMs asking for this product than maybe anything else. Goldie adores hers! We use it all the time with no plans to stop. Dishwasher safe too.
  27. BABY BJORN BOUNCER: I love this thing. Super easy to move and it does fold up for smaller space storage. There were times I missed having a Mamaroo, but Goldie really loves this too. Note: she does seem to have more blowouts when hanging out in here? It's a risk I'm willing to take and note the cover is machine washable.
  28. UBBI DIAPER PAIL: this is a big improvement from the diaper genie, plain and simple. They sell cute covers too.
  29. OWLET BABY SOCK: it's up to you if you want to invest in the owlet system. It's definitely beneficial to monitor safe sleep and the sock was graciously gifted to us. I didn't use it as much as I should have, but investing in safe sleep is never a bad idea for your child.
That's everything for five months and change! If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me a DM on Instagram! I'm always happy to help!
Molly Knorr
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  1. This is great! Pinning this now. Thank you Goldie for being my baby influencer :)



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