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Baby Must-Haves

It's been a while since I've had a newborn and the game has changed a little bit... or a lot in some cases. Some of these items I owned, used and loved with Georgia and Bodie, while others came to me courtesy of Instagram recommendations! I'm grateful for all of the suggestions and all of these will be making their way to this new nursery one way or another! I'm giving a little background and alternative options for a few too, see below, and let me know if there's anything I'm missing!

1. WIPEABLE CHANGING PADS: as I mentioned, the game has changed! What a smart idea! I can't tell you the number of times I had to wash changing pads and frankly, the cost on this is so reasonable.

2. GOOSEBUMPS SHOP ONESIE: I ended up getting the whole bundle in this print! Listen, I know that zipped sleepers are where it's at, but this one is SO soft and makes me so happy. The blankets are incredible too. I honestly think I'll bypass the traditional crib comforter and do one of their larger tie dye blankets. If you're looking for the best zipped onesies around, check out HANNA ANDERSSON SLEEPERS.

3. DOHM CLASSIC WHITE NOISE MACHINE: we've had a few different sound machines and I got this one when Bodie was born. It's not too loud, but it does the trick and is also aesthetically pleasing! It's been nearly four years and it's still running strong! Other suggestions included the HATCH SOUND MACHINE.

4. UBBI DIAPER PAIL: sounds like this has taken over from Diaper Genie over the past few years. I like that it comes in different colors! Will obviously be taking advantage of that and getting the pink tone.

5. ACRYLIC DIAPER CADDIE: Necessary for your changing table, I always love Pottery Barn Kids' diaper caddies. The acrylic and gold is no different!

6. SOLLY BABY WRAP: I am admittedly not huge on babywearing but it's certainly convenient when you need it! The Solly Wrap is easy to use once you get the hang of the wrap, and thankfully there's tons of tutorials on their Instagram page for easy reminders.

7. BOPPY NURSING PILLOW AND LOUNGER: Forever useful and awesome. This is great for nursing (I always bring mine to the hospital), and I also love for lounging and tummy time. This is the blank option, you can get covers at nearly any children's store, or they have some amazing options on Etsy now.

8. BABYBJORN BOUNCER: I've heard great things about this! Honestly, we used the Mamaroo with Georgia, but it broke before Bodie was born, and we survived with other bouncers. I love the look of this one and I'm doing what I can to minimize STUFF this time around!

9. YETI RAMBLER MUG: self explanatory and I've wanted one anyway : ).

10. HAKKAA BREAST PUMP: So you know when you're nursing and one boob is just leaking away, you're losing all that milk into a stupid pad? This is for that! So incredible. RIP to the ridiculous number of ounces I've lost in the past.

11. SNUGGLE ME ORGANIC: This is another option in place of the BOPPY NEWBORN LOUNGER or the DOCK-A-TOT. We have a DOCK-A-TOT so we'll be using that, but it sounds like when the two are compared, the snuggle me wins out.

12. SNOO SMART SLEEPER BASSINET: Listen, I spent an entire day digging into these. If this is going to make my child sleep, I'm going to give it a shot. I was able to get one very lightly used but they do have discounts for healthcare workers and vets! They also send you a discount code a week or two after you sign up for emails on their website. This is linked to the PBK site, and I think you can use your coupons and rewards there, too! Can't wait to give it a try, plus it's beautiful!

13. SWADDLE UP SLEEPSACK: This was Bodie's swaddle of choice. Other great options include the HALO SLEEPSACK (Georgia's fave), the HAPPIEST BABY SLEEPSACK, OLLIE SLEEPSACK, and the MAGIC SLEEPSUIT.
Molly Knorr
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