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Goldie's Nursery Plans

Hi! Excited to finally share this. As I head towards my third trimester (holy crap), things are starting to get a little bit more urgent. I haven't made a single purchase for this child and she'll be here before we know it. We have decided to name her Goldie Rosalyn. Goldie because we love that name - it's light and bright and happy! It was on our list for Bodie, and while we had another girl name picked out for Bodie, it doesn't feel like the right fit anymore- anyone else feel that way between kids? And Rosalyn was my grandmother's name. I also liked the idea of this baby having a name starting with a G, like Georgia.

We are doing a good amount of bouncing around between the guest room and Georgia and Bodie's room to make this work. Obviously it would be best to keep a guest room and have the kids share, but I don't feel like we are in a position to make that happen at this time, given we haven't moved Bodie to a big bed, but that's coming too! It's definitely the smallest of the rooms but still has the connected Jack & Jill bathroom to Bodie's, lots of natural light, and a nice-sized closet, so we're happy with it. Given how often I like to change things up, I'm of course trying to do this on a smaller budget, keeping costs and efforts down. With your first child, you don't really know what you need - but you're willing to spend a lot ensuring you had the best, and with this kid I just want a room that will make me happy and suit her needs. I plan to go as brightly boho as possible for this girl! I love a muted boho, but I'm bright at heart, and I want her room to reflect that.

That said, back when we had Georgia, we invested in a POTTERY BARN KIDS GLIDER and it has seen better days between Georgia's nursery, a move, and Bodie's nursery, but it still works! I plan to TOSS THIS FAUX FUR on top and it will be perfectly boho. Of course I'd love to wallpaper the whole room, but budget strikes again! We'll do one big wall and it will hopefully look great! What's super fun about ordering WALLPAPER FROM SPOONFLOWER is they have a matching pair of curtains we can buy to incorporate the tie dye pattern on the perpendicular wall! I'll be adding lots of pillows and macrame & rattan touches to really achieve that layered, boho look I love.

To walk you through my choices, I started with the wallpaper from Spoonflower. I searched high and low for a pink option, but they were all SO close to Georgia's amazing wallpaper which I just love, but I can't design the same room twice no matter how much I love it! In an effort to make this a bit different, I went for the teal/aqua color in a great tie dye. I FOUND THIS RUG AT URBAN OUTFITTERS. I've seen other bloggers use it and I just love the vintage feel. We'll have lots of storage bins, LIKE THESE. I mentioned we already HAD THE GLIDER, it's served us well! I plan to add lots of great pillows, like THIS PATTERNED OPTION, THIS RAINBOW, and THIS BOHO ONEI LOVE THIS SIDE TABLE for next to the rocker, but may opt for something with a larger diameter on the top, LIKE THIS ONE. We all know how crowded a side table can get in a nursery in the middle of the night. As for the crib, you want to know what's changed in the six years since I was preparing for Georgia? The cost of cribs! OMG you can get a great crib for less than $200? How?  This JENNY LIND OPTION is pretty traditional, but I just love it. Adding the AWESOME PENDANT LIGHT on top to add back in the boho feels. For the dresser, I knew I wanted something with gold in it but I'm not sure this is the answer - I may go more modern, but you can never go wrong with a CAMPAIGN DRESSER, IN MY BOOK. We'll add this awesome MACRAME MIRROR on top to complete the look!

Here was my initial inspiration for anyone wondering, ALL LINKED ON MY PINTEREST minus the first pic, which is from Chelsea Meissner's Instagram just the other day!:

All in all, these are my plans. I need to start executing! I can't wait to share the final product and we'll see where I stray from my plans, sharing the before and after. Everything is also linked up on my liketoknow.it for simple shopping. What do you think?
Molly Knorr
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