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Shopping Secrets: Pottery Barn Teen

Can I tell you a secret? I love kids' home items. Like LOVE them. My biggest goal when we moved into this new home was color - fun, complete color. I may be getting on in years but I didn’t want to have an overly mature home because this is our grown up place- that’s just not me. I want pattern, personality, and color. One of my biggest secrets? Pottery Barn Teen. I find the best stuff on their website. Their lighting in particular is super great, and for some reason, cheaper? I mean- shop for what you love OF COURSE and if it's worth the investment, wonderful, but I'm super impressed with what I've found on Pottery Barn Teen and frankly, the Pottery Barn Kids site. I may have a less mature house than most, but I'm telling you, I'm having a good time with it! Below, I'm sharing a few of my favorite current finds, including Georgia's chandelier which is one of my favorite pieces in the whole house.

I mean look at the price on this and it's totally perfect. Would be great if I ever call the electrician and have them put a chandelier above our kitchen table.

How's this for mature and modern? Amazing in a dining room or a bedroom... or frankly hanging in a foyer, this piece has versatility and range.

We have this in Georgia's room and it fits her personality perfectly, but it would be pretty cool in a hallway or a bathroom too. That boho look at a great cost and the size is ideal for a lot of different options.

For all of the blue and white fanatics (myself included) this pretty watercolor print can come framed from Minted. It's beautiful and can stand out on its own (over a bed frame) or smaller, in a gallery wall. Would be beautiful on my blue and white collection bookshelves, too.

Ok this is super childish - but it's perfect for a nursery or in particular, a gameroom or playroom. I love this with your Last Name - so modern, on-trend, and super fun.

Love this in a hallway or in a bathroom. Beautiful color scheme and again attaches itself to a more bohemian-inspired look.

In my head, this belongs in a boy's bedroom or nursery, but how fun would it be in a closet or hallway? It's neutral enough, but the camo would be great under mixed metallics for a desk or office space too?

Curtains are an opportunity for pattern and color. This gives you pattern. I actually really love these in a dining room, assuming you're not blocking much of the natural light. Would be perfect in a bedroom as well! Simple, fun, patterned!

Obsessed with all things tie dye. This is the perfect blue color and I love it in a mudroom. Nothing like walking into your house to be greeted by some fun color.

Molly Knorr
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