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Most-Loved Baby Essentials

This is one of the topics I've been dying to blog about - our most-loved baby essentials. Friends ask me for recommendations pretty regularly and I feel like it'll be so beneficial to have it all in one place, now that Bodie is almost 2.5! By no means is this a complete or perfect list, but it's what I can remember loving and using, or wishing I had at the time!

1. Dock-a-Tot - I didn't co-sleep with either of my kids, but we used the Dock-a-Tot with Bodie for travel! So much easier than hauling a pack-and-play when you still have an infant. These are a bit controversial for use in cribs, but we really loved ours, especially for travel.

2. Slumber Sloth - such a great gift! These come with an adorable book and Bodie still sleeps with his every night.

3. Boon High Chair - easily the biggest question I get to my Instagram when someone spots this high chair! Love it. Easy to move, easy to clean. You can't submerge the tray completely in water or it's a little tough to get all of the water out, but you can easily wipe it down. I also love that you can buy replacement parts (chair pad, straps, tray), all on Amazon.

4. Aden & Anais Wearable Swaddles - these are the perfect weight and they wash really easily. Tons of fun prints, too!

5. Dohm Sound Machine - there are tons of sound machines on the market but I love this because you toss it on and know it's at a safe volume. Been running strong for nearly 2.5 years in Bodie's room, this goes everywhere with us.

6. Boon Grass - for bottles & other hand-washed items that need to dry.  The clear is a little more visually appealing than the green!

7. OK-to-Wake Clock - we got this when we switched Georgia to a big girl bed. It lights up at 7am every morning telling her it's okay to get out of bed.

8. Cuddle & Kind Doll - another great gift option. These are heirloom quality and I used Bodie's for each of his monthly photos the first year! You can even check out their hashtag #BodieandEverest. The purchase of one doll = 10 meals for the needy.

9. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment - learned about this about a month ago, wish I had known about it for the last 4.5 years. It's the only thing that has really helped with my kids' seriously dry skin!

10. Skiphop Activity Center - Bodie LOVED this thing and it's simple enough to not look awful in a family room! 

11. Honest City Backpack - with two kids I made the switch to a diaper bag backpack! This is still my go-to for travel as well - so comfortable and looks great. There are definitely lots of backpacks available now, but this is what I used & loved.

12. Copper Pearl Bibdanas - both of my kids wore a ton of these! They're so cute and perfect for drooling, feeding, and they wash really well too!

13. Honest Diaper Subscription - a bit of an overspend when it's not totally necessary, but I loved receiving this subscription each month. The cute prints elevated my every day and my kids generally had no issues with diaper rash!

14. Green Toys - obsessed with this brand of toys! Totally green and also dishwasher safe! Perfect!

15. Booster Seat - we don't have this exact model but it looks so easy to clean! These are so critical when you just can't look at your high chair anymore and your child wants to be a part of family dinners.

16. Skiphop Bath Spout Cover - your child will stand up in the tub and will fall in the tub. May as well cover the spout so they don't injure themselves!

Did I miss anything? What are your must-have baby essentials?!
Molly Knorr
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